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        After the meeting, the two sides also launched in-depth cooperation on joint technology research, international and domestic standards transformation, research and development of new wind farm models and testing, and jointly contributed to the healthy and sustainable development of China's wind energy industry.
        Introduction of the Certification Center of Judgement and Weight:
        Jianheng Certification Center is the first professional third-party institution approved by the National Certification and Accreditation Regulatory Commission (CNCA), which is mainly engaged in standard research and quality certification in the field of renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy. It has the qualification of national "high-tech enterprise" and is the "National Energy Wind Energy Solar Energy Simulation". Key Laboratory of Testing and Certification Technology, the undertaking unit of National Energy Wind Power Equipment and Photovoltaic Power Equipment Assessment Center, is a member of RECB, RETL and IEA Wind IA accredited by IECRE. 。 The appraisal and weighing certification has studied the technology and standard of fan for more than ten years, participated in the formulation of many IEC standards and national standards for fan, and trained a group of talents with experience in testing and certification practice and standard work.
        Original Title: Wind Turbine Wind Turbine of Vistas has been awarded Certificate of Accreditation